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Green Infrastructure Creates Value!

Check out NSE’s blog post on Syracuse Urban Properties.  We provide a local pictorial perspective on the recent NRDC report “The Green Edge: How Commercial Property Investment in Green Infrastructure Creates Value.” 


Erie Boulevard Green Infrastructure Project Completed!

Construction was completed in late 2013 of the Erie-Bruce Corp. “Save the Rain” green infrastructure project.  Natural Systems Engineering designed the bioretention area, rain garden, porous asphalt, and pervious pavers to not only achieve Onondaga County’s Save the Rain objectives with respect to combined sewer overflows (CSOs), but to mitigate drainage issues at the facility, and improve the aesthetics of the site.

Site view pre-construction:

Pre-construction 007




June 18, 2013 – Green Infrastructure project completed!

Construction was completed this week for Home Headquarters on the green infrastructure project located at 223 Marcellus Street, Syracuse.  The project involved a stormwater planter and curbside bioretention to manage runoff from the work/live center on-site and from Niagara and Marcellus Streets. IMG_1901