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NSE’s Urban Geothermal Project Featured on Spectrum News and ESF’s “Going Green” Program!

Natural Systems Engineering’s Kyle Thomas discusses the performance of our recent urban retrofit geothermal project and NYSERDA’s incentives on Spectrum News’s and ESF’s “Going Green” television program.

Front Yard Geothermal Drilling – Tipperary Hill, Syracuse


Solar Power during the Eclipse!

Here in Central New York we experienced 68% of totality during the August 21, 2017 solar eclipse.  There seemed to be general agreement among observers that there wasn’t a significant perceptible reduction in ambient light during the event.  But check out the reduction in solar PV output during the ~1:30 to ~3:30 PM timeframe and the peak at 2:38 PM in the plot below.  The reduction in output is significant, but comparable to a cloudy period based on a comparison with the cloudy afternoon of August 15 the previous week.

Solar power on Eclipse Day.

Porous asphalt vehicle display lot completed for Crest Acura!

With funding under Onondaga County’s award-winning Save the Rain program, Crest Acura’s porous asphalt lot was completed this summer.  The project was designed by Natural Systems Engineering and constructed by Lan-Co Construction (East Syracuse, New York).  The porous asphalt was designed to capture runoff from the 10,000 sq ft porous surface and the 9950 sq ft impervious asphalt lot located to the northeast.  Roughly 1000 sq ft of greenspace was added to replace asphalt in the right-of-way of the City of Syracuse.

The project will manage a minimum of 400,000 gal of strormwater per year, removing that flow from Syracuse’s combined sewer system.